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our little place on the World Wide Web.

We sincerely hope you get as much enjoyment from visiting as we do in displaying just how beautiful The Nations Oldest City actually is.


The Photo above is of The Love Tree Gift Shop located at 6 Cordova Street with St. Augustine’s original Love Tree right in the front yard.

      Famous World Wide as the place where two lovers planted a tree, to commemorate their Love for each other…

Over time, the tree’s, just like a marriage, entertwined, tangled, supported and loved one another supporting and nourishing each other through thick and thin, wet, hot, dry, cold, and even hurricanes. Today they are so tangled and intertwined that to cut one, would mean the death of both trees, unable to stand, or go on on their own. Yet, even after all this time they remain seperate trees, yet joined together so that they make an awesome force together.

      That is why the legend goes, that if you find, and kiss your true love under the Love Tree that your love will indeed last forever!

Often copied, but never duplicated quite the same way…. Enjoy the rest of our pages on your journey through time, history, lives, generations and yes even a few legends here and there!


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